PC Games Which You Should Play Today

PC Games Which You Should Play Today

Playing PC games today has become one of the most favorite pass time today. For some people, PC gaming has become a very passionate hobby and they glue themselves to the monitors for scoring the best.

Looking at this passion we have gathered a list of some best PC games which provide the same fun and thrill which they used to provide when they were newly launched.

Team Fortress 2

Release Year: 2007

Developer: Valve Corporation

 Publisher: Valve Corporation

This game was launched as a part of the Orange Box and in no time this game became a standard for every team-based FPS shooting games. Besides having a strong class-based gameplay, it also consists a unique graphical style, loads of humor and hats, Yes lots of hats.


Release Year: 1993

Developer: id Software

Publisher: id Software

When this game was released, in no time it became one of the most influential game. There was nothing over the limit in this game, the amount of guns were right, the gore and even the violence was of right amount. This is the reason why this game had caught the eyes of millions.

Half-Life 2

Release Year: 2004

Developer: Valve Corporation

Publisher: Valve Corporation

Half-Life 2 had brought in a totally new use of the in-game physics and has out-shined all its predecessors in every aspect such as gameplay, sound, and story.  If you are not able to get The Orange Box version then don’t worry you can avail its copy from the internet.

Ways For Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Ways For Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Increasing traffic on a website is a major and foremost aim of every organization and company. But it is also important that you create a website which helps you in converting a maximum of that traffic.

Company Website Design provides various strategies and tactics for increasing the conversion rate of your website. You can visit website of the company for more details.

Here are some strategies which are proven to be effective for increasing your website’s conversion rate.

Include as few fields as possible

Ask for a little amount of information when you ask your visitors for filling an email opt-in form. Experts say that using just one additional form field can decrease the conversion rate by 11%.

Add a guarantee

It is advisory that you add a no-questions-asked refund policy on every purchase from your website. This may lead to a reduction of risks as well as an increase in sales.

Use tangible action verbs

Try using action language such as reserve your seats or grab yours, any which can spur the users to take action.

Use testimonials

Testimonials are proven to be vital in reducing risk and providing social proof. You can use them on your product landing pages and also on your email opt-in landing page.

Clearly, state the benefits of your product or service

As listing the features of your product is important, it is also important that you state how can your product help your customers in solving their various problems.

Test, test,test is considered to be the key for increasing website’s conversion rate. As things which can work out well for a site, may not work that much great for the other.

Yes Playing Online Games Has Certain Benefits

Yes Playing Online Games Has Certain Benefits

A very negative notion has been prevailing about online gaming that it is very harmful for children. But a very few people know that games have proved to be very vital in developing certain skills in the children.There is a wide range of fun and interactive games that can provide a great boost to the creation, development and skills of a child.

Let us get introduced to some vital skills which a child can practice while playing games:

Children Can Exercise Some Creativity

By playing certain games a child can vitally increase some creativity into themselves. Certain such as customizing animals, horse games and various other games have been proven to be helpful in sparking out ones creativity.

Children Learn A Bit About Goal Setting

If we have a closer look a lot of games are goal-oriented, which is evidenced by players at every level. This factor of gaming can prove to be very vital in teaching  goal setting and motivate them to achieve them by mastering their skills though being strategic.

Children May Work On Online Social Skills

If chosen an appropriate online game there are chances that a child gets an opportunity to inculcate social ethics and skills.

Children can Practice Some Responsibility

On the internet a lot of social games are available, so playing these type of games can help a child learn how to be responsible especially under the circumstances of time management.

Children Absorb Information In A Fun Way

With time educators have been continuously working on new teaching techniques which can make learning into a fun. It is believed that by transforming teaching techniques which can help kids learning facts which earlier seemed to be boring.

5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Belongings Safe While Flying

5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Belongings Safe While Flying

Have you ever thought how safe are you and your stuff while air travel? Yes, you might suddenly get separated from your belongings for an instance or permanently in your trek from your car to air plane seat or vice versa. The most important thing is to travel in the premium flights and you should know to protect your stuff as the thieves know very well, not to steal stuff that will be missed in short time. Rather, they want you to figure out when you get into your hotel after some time periods.

We’ve mentioned some simple rules that will not protect everything you have but atleast protect the things that matter the most:

All Stuff At One Place

While leaving your house place the important things that you need at the airport and on the plane at one place, preferably in a carry-on bag which is always at your sight. The benefit of doing so is that you’ll have a dedicated location for all your valuables like boarding pass, driver’s license, passport, wallet, credit card and your medication. You will not have to rifle your bags if something gets missed and you know exactly where it would be.

Say Loudly

One of the useful tip to be safe from the Airport employees itself is to say it loudly to the security personnel that “This bag has my wallet, ID and Watch” will lessen up the chances of taking out something from it.

Most Important things to have in person

The most important things that you can’t do without are your Passport and Creditcard. The groceries or clothes can be replaced only when you have cash. Also, Without a passport, it would be very difficult for you to get clearance from airport security .

Bury Your Wallet in Carry-on

Once you board the plane you’ll not need any cash or wallet except to buy some snacks or drinks. But, we suggest you to bury down your wallet deep in a carry-on bag, which could not be found by anyone except overturning.

Besides, your valuables can also get stolen in your hotel or cabs. Better take care and be cautious while traveling. You can visit www.icarusjet.com Private Jet Charter Provider in Dallas for more information and latest news or tips.

* What’s More?

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Online Gaming Facts That Will Drop Off Your Jaws

Online Gaming Facts That Will Drop Off Your Jaws

So you think that online games are cool stuff, huh? You are absolutely right and we agree with that. Today, technology has made it possible for game developers to create an incredible gaming platform with some very amazing graphics and complex and albeit some very addictive plot lines. But like any other web element online gaming is also filled with a lot of risks.

Here are some facts about online gaming that will definitely stun you.


Gaming has become a social activity. Today gaming has become more socialized which allows a person to play and interact with other people from anywhere in the world. It’s a very good fact that a person needs to know and compete with various other people but at the same time it’s a pretty much risk that you get into contact with some risky elements

Gaming is not a child’s play. Playing games online has now become a very popular pastime for everyone. As online gaming is a harmless medium of entertainment, but it’s pretty important to know that all the online games are not made for children. So it’s pretty much important to keep a close eye on the what games are your children playing.

Playing online games can cost you a bit. Online games come with a deceiving feature of “free apps” but after you download these apps it may encourage you to make in-app purchases with real money. In case your child is playing on devices where a credit card is connected, then it’s likely that your wallet will be at a substantial risk. So set up a parental control on all the devices that is associated with your credit card.